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SMS Text Message packages

Our range of text message applications helps organisations keep in touch with their customers and colleagues by sending and receiving simple, low-cost text messages to their mobile phones from any internet connected device.

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No set-up costs.

With SMS Online, there are no setup, software, consultancy, implementation or maintenance costs. All you are charged for are the messages that you send. As a business service, you are invoiced at the end of the month for the messages that you have sent, unless you would rather pre-purchase packs of messages in advance.

Browser-based Control Panel

Our online SMS gateway enables users to send SMS messages to mobile contacts anywhere in the world and receive replies by return. With organisation and personal address books available to each user, sending single or multiple messages is simplicity itself.

Intuitive Interface

SMS Online has an intuitive user interface and an administration module that enables you to control the functionality that each of your users has access to – helping you to keep costs down.

No software to install

With no software installed on a user’s computer, online management usage reports, the automatic set-up of an organisation’s user accounts and global deployment, SMS Online is a user and administrator’s dream.

Manage bulk campaigns

Use SMS Campaign to handle bulk communications and marketing campaigns.

The application’s simple-to-use and intuitive step-by-step user interface helps you to create and run a text-messaging campaign in minutes. Simply upload your file of recipients over a secure link to your secure area, type in the message you wish to send, personalise the message to the recipients, and then schedule the campaign’s delivery – send the messages now or at sometime in the future.

Use memorable Short Code numbers

One2Call provide a range of free-to-use online applications for organisations wishing to use Short Code numbers (for example, 82029) in their text message marketing campaigns. These Short Code numbers can be used either as a convenient way to enable people to contact you, or as a means to charge mobile phone users for receiving text messages from you – this is known as Reverse Billing.

With a Short Code SMS service, you don’t have to charge someone a premium for interacting with your Short Code – it’s your choice as the service provider.

Receive inbound texts

SMS Inbound service enables organisations to receive SMS text messages through their own dedicated, eleven-digit phone number.

SMS Inbound enables you to offer a phone number, exclusively available to your organisation, to assist with inbound SMS marketing programs, to place on documentation and collateral, and for consumer enquiries.

You can set up your inbound SMS service to simply forward each inbound message to you as an email, or you can use the inbound service to run a competition, host a vote, send back an automated response, or support a subscription service.

The only charge is for the monthly rental of your SMSInbound number, charged at £25 plus VAT per month. There are no other charges, no minimum contract and users sending texts in to your number are charged at their normal prevailing message rate.

How can you use a SMS Inbound number?

Send SMS Alerts

The SMSAlert service enables critical messages conveyed in email form to be translated in to text messages and then sent to a pre-defined list of recipients’ mobile phones as SMS alerts. This service gets critical information on the performance of computer systems in to the palm of those that need to know, quickly and reliably.

Up until now, automatically generated email alerts remain unseen unless the recipients are physically reading their email. Clearly out of hours this is not the case. With SMSAlert, a new way of getting critical alerts and important information to the right people is now available.

How can you use it?

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