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1700% increase in dwell time? Improved SEO? How can a phone system do that?

Apr 23, 2019 8:47:00 AM / by Alex Hodgson

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Convergeance seems to be one of the watch words of the day, meaning the process by which different technologies converge together to produce new features and streamlined processes. And it's the convergeance of some fairly well-established technologies that might help improve your SEO performance.

But before we get into that let's start at the beginning. What is dwell time, and why is it important?

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What is dwell time?

Dwell time is very similar to "time on page", "bounce time" or "visit time" or any number of other visit metrics in that it measures the amount of time, on average, that a visitor stays on your website for. Being more specific, though, dwell time measures the amount of time between a search engine user clicking through to your website and then returning to the search engine provider (SERP).

If you want to learn more about dwell time, I found this article by Joshua Hardwick at Hrefs to be a useful and well written summary.

Why is dwell time important?

Dwell time is important because of what it signifies. A long dwell time effectively shows that your visitors are consuming and presumably engaging with the content on your website. A high dwell time means you're doing something right!

This is particularly important when that traffic has come from Google search, because a long dwell time shows Google that your pages were useful to the searcher, and this is exactly what Google wants to see. Serving up the right content to the searcher is the No.1 priority for Google. Short dwell times tell Google your page wasn't right for the searcher as they had to return quickly to refine their search.

On the other hand, a long dwell time shows Google that the searcher were impressed enough with your content to stay on your site. The longer the dwell time the greater the credibility you'll have with Google, and the more likely they will be to pass searchers on to you.

At least that's the theory. Google and other SERPs not only keep close to their chests exactly what influences their algorithms, but they also keep changing it. But given that the end goal of any SERP is to serve quality content, it stands to fairly strong reason that dwell time would be a strong ranking factor, and there are plenty of online studies, like this from Moz, which lends evidence to this suggestion.

OK, so where does my phone system come in?


When it's integrated with your website, that's when!

Web chat is proving an invaluable tool for turning website visits into contacts and helping customers find the information they need. However, what happens to a chat when the requirement gets a little more complex?

What about if your agent could escalate the web chat to a phone call, video call, or even screen share session, directly from the chat widget? Not only would you be providing excellent customer service and helping the customer there and then, you'd also be keeping them on the website for longer, increasing their dwell time and improving your website performance.

Take a look at how lingerie brand Bravissimo use Mitel and Talkative technology integrated with their website to reduce web chat abandonment from 10% to 3%:


The ability to jump to a call or even co-browsing session means the agent can help answer the customers' questions, guide them to the right areas of the website, and even help them to check out, and all the time spending more time on your website.

This simple convergeance of web, voice and video has the power improve your SEO, customer satisfaction and revenue all in one!

How does this integration work?

From the customer's point of view what they don't want is to be switching technologies or downloading apps. The move from web to voice or video needs to be seamless, which is where WebRTC comes in.

WebRTC (Web-based Real Time Communication) allows a direct and secure connection to be made between web browsers, or between a browser and a WebRTC-enabled communications platform. This is the technology which makes seamless movement from web visit to voice, video or screen sharing possible, and communication system providers like Cisco, Avaya, Mitel and 3CX have spent the last few years making their integration of WebRTC technology more and more seamless and easy to integrate.

As an example, take a look at my video showing how easy it is to integrate 3CX web chat, with chat-to-voice and chat-to-video functionality, with your Wordpress website:

3CX web chat screen record - v3


Hold on a minute, what about this 1,700% increase in dwell time?

Oh yeah, that.

Well, according to Neilson Norman Group the average web visit is between 10 & 20 seconds, and according to Call Centre Helper a contact centre's average call time is 6 minutes and 3 seconds, or 363 seconds.

So if the average web visit was converted into the average voice call, whilst keeping the user on your website, then, if my maths is correct (which it may not be) you'd experience an increase in dwell time of 1,715%.

Now clearly that's just indicative numbers, and every case will be different, but even if this SEO argument doesn't hold water, think about the other benefits of chat-to-voice and chat-to-video on your website:

  • Reducing abandoned web sessions
  • Encouraging contact from idle browsers
  • Moving customers along the sales funnel more quickly
  • Helping checkout customers to complete their transaction
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by answering even complex queries immediately
  • Communication is easier, friendlier and more effective with video.

And I didn't even mention that WebRTC calls are free!

So if you're in any way serious about your web-presence, and you should be, it's time to place web chat and voice/video integration to the top of your to do list!

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Solutions featured in this article:

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The latest release of 3CX includes chat-to-voice and chat-video integration for a cost-effective entry-level solution.

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