Ofo Sheffield Yellow Bike Sharing Scheme - Points System (Credit Score)

Here's the lowdown on the points system that's meant to encourage good behaviour amongst ofo users (although, as you'll see, it's a little more stick than carrot).

There's been a lot of buzz around Sheffield lately about ofo, a bike-sharing company from China who have launched a major bicycle rental scheme in and around Sheffield city centre. Whether it's dodging out of the way of a wobbly commuter or laughing at a bike stranded in a tree, if you've been in or around Sheffield lately you can't have failed to notice the cheeky yellow blighters.

What's unique about ofo's scheme is that, unlike Boris bikes in London and other similar schemes, their bikes are dockless, meaning you don't have to take them to a specific point when you've finished your journey, you just leave it wherever your ride finishes. The huge advantage of this is the freedom it gives you, not having to detour at the end of your ride to a predetermined area, or, as is often the case in London, finding the dock full and having to go further afield.

The big downside of this of course is that having no physical dock to put the bike in leaves it, shall we say, open to abuse...

Ofo's response to this is to institute points scoring method to encourage positive behaviour, but as with most things Ofo, the actual scores are hidden within the app, and aren't easy to find (in case you want to know, open the app, thick the person icon and then your ofo score and then 'Rules' in the top right hand corner. Yeah i know, right at your finger tips), so we decided to liberate them and put them somewhere far more obvious, the website of a B2B IT & Telecoms support provider (we are at least based in Sheffield)!

Here's your full ofo Credit score run down:

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About Credit
1. ofo credit is used to maintain and encourage good behavior among ofo riders.
2. After signing up with ofo, you are rewarded 100 ofo credits.
3. If your ofo credit is reduced to 0, you can no longer use ofo bikes.
4. If there is any problem with your ofo credit, please contact ofo via email.

As you can see, it's weighted a little bit firmly towards the punishment side. It would be nice to see plus points for things like returning a bike inside the geofence, for instance.

Anyway, we hope this is of use, and safe ofo-ing!