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Will your AVG product soon stop protecting you?

May 6, 2016 11:16:51 AM / by One2Call posted in antispam, antivirus, AVG, Blog, security


Online security kings AVG have announced they are to stop support a raft of their desktop-based products, meaning that over time anyone relying on these products will get gradually less and less secure.

The reason behind this is simple - desktop programs rely on periodical updates to remain secure, but the modern security environment moves just too quickly for even this to keep you protected.

This is why AVG is moving wholly towards it's cloud-based products which can provide real-time protection and react to new threats uncovered by any of it's millions of worldwide subscribers.

One2Call can help you move over to AVG CloudCare with antivirus, antispam and content filtering at £2 per mailbox per month each, or get all 3 for together for just £5 per month.

Click here to inquire.

The full list of products at support end.

Support ends 31/10/2016:

AVG AntiVirus FREE (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)
AVG AntiVirus (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)
AVG Internet Security (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)
AVG AntiVirus Business Edition (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)
AVG Internet Security Business Edition (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)
AVG Email Server Edition (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)
AVG File Server Edition (versions 9.0, 2011, & 2012)

Support ends 31/12/2016:

AVG AntiVirus FREE (versions 2013 & 2014)
AVG AntiVirus (versions 2013 & 2014)
AVG Internet Security (versions 2013 & 2014)
AVG AntiVirus Business Edition  (version 2013)
AVG Internet Security Business Edition (version 2013)
AVG Email Server Edition (version 2013)
AVG File Server Edition (version 2013)
AVG Remote Administration (versions 2013 & earlier)


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