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Eliminate WiFI 'not-spots' using your existing infrastructure.

Nov 18, 2015 1:11:20 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, Cat5, ethernet, structured cabling, WiFI


New Ubiquiti product gives you the best-of-both with a wi-fi equipped ethernet socket.

We're already big fans of Ubiquiti cloud-managed WiFI products having installed dozens over the last few months, and their range is about to get even better with these funky new modules.

Bridging technology.

We all know that the future will, eventually, be wireless, but in the meantime your solid old ethernet cable still has a key place at the core of most office networks. However, this does lead to a certain degree of inflexibility when you have some workers on wired desktops and phones, some workers on laptops and smartphones, some on a mix, leaving you chasing your tail when it comes to ensuring you have Cat5 AND wireless coverage in every corner of the office.

This is where this slick new Unifi product comes in.

Flexible sockets.

What looks like a fairly standard double-Cat5 socket actually also contains a low-range cloud-managed WiFi access point. What this means is you can use your existing cable infrastructure to spread your WiFi signal to even the darkest corner of the building, and you don't have to worry about who is using what devices at what desk, especially since your WiFi login 'roams' with you on a cloud-managed network.

This socket will be a great addition for companies already looking at how they can bridge the gap between the wired and wireless office, or those looking at creating a more flexible working space.

We can't wait to get our hands on one!

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When will my fibre Leased Line be connected?

Jul 27, 2015 3:38:05 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, broadband, BT, business, ethernet, Openreach, fibre, leased line


Some can take weeks, some can take months - why is it so difficult to give a connection date for fibre leased lines?

We've been connecting quite a few fibre leased lines recently thanks to the government grants currently available, and the two things we get asked the most are:

  • How much will it cost altogether?
  • When will it be connected by?

Unfortunately we can never give concrete answers to either of these questions due to the extensive survey and installation process associated with what is, in essence, your own private optical fibre connection dug through the ground directly to your building.

Anything can come up in the surveying process, from collapsed ducts blocking the cable to a landlord unwilling to grant site access. The huge list of potential issues is exactly why the survey process can take so long, and why we can't guarantee there won't be additional charges over and above the quoted amount.

To go through the whole process here you'd be reading all day, but thankfully BT Openreach (not always our favourite people) have produced this video which explains well all the stages of the Leased Line (or Ethernet as they call it) survey and installation process:

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