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In the press: £40m broadband grants ‘running out’

Jun 11, 2015 12:03:50 PM / by Nick Bass posted in Barnsley, broadband, business, doncaster, News, Rotherham, Sheffield


We've made the papers!

Our Business Development Manager Alex was used as a source in an article in The Star, the news source of choice for South Yorkshire, relating to the Government Connection Voucher scheme.

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Struggling to get BT repair in South Yorkshire? MBORC is to blame...

Aug 5, 2014 4:35:13 PM / by One2Call posted in Barnsley, broadband, BT, doncaster, News, Openreach, Rotherham, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, MBORC


UPDATE 07/08/2014 16:15: MBORC to be lifted in remaining areas, including South Yorkshire, with effect from 8th August.

BT Openreach currently still have an MBORC in place for South Yorkshire since the severe storm conditions between 17th and 20th July. If you've been waiting a long time for a normal BT Openreach repair in this region this may be why.

A what now?

MBORC = Matter Beyond Our Reasonable Control, or in other words, an Act of God.

It's a clause in BT Openreach's terms and conditions which allows them to divert resources to tackle problems caused by things beyond their control, like natural disasters.

This may be why you've been struggling to escalate any other fixes not related to this activity if your area is under MBORC conditions.

When will this be fixed?

BT Openreach have been gradually lifting MBORC conditions from areas as they fix them, but as of writing (3pm, 5 Aug 2014) MBORC is still in operation for repair activities in South Yorkshire, as well as Southend, Broadlands and Swindon.

Here's what they say:

"We are continuing to direct available additional resource into the remaining areas to bring the position back to normal as quickly as possible. We are monitoring the situation and will remove MBORC from these areas as soon as service can be restored to the levels they were at immediately before the severe weather."

So what can I do?

Keep in contact with your service provider who should be able to see if the MBORC is still in place in your area.

Or, keep an eye on our Twitter feed or search Twitter for MBORC - it's a pretty unusual acronym so a hashtag is probably not necessary!

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