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Don't fall for this sales pitch about phone line upgrades.

Jun 27, 2014 12:00:39 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, BT, bt openreach, business, call centre, consumer, doncaster, sales, scam


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"I'm calling from ****** on behalf of BT about the the changes to the phone lines in your area"

I've just got off the phone to a customer asking us why we hadn't told them about the changes that were coming up to their phone lines in their area.

We hadn't told them because there weren't any. In fact there are very rarely upgrades to BTs landlines since they've been operating pretty reliably for the past 80 years or so!

This was a clear sales pitch which succeeded in getting an appointment with our client by catching her off guard and appearing to speak with authority "on behalf of BT". We don't know whether this company was acting officially for BT or not, but we suspect not given that BT are cold calling businesses quite heavily with their own phone team at the moment anyway!

We're not saying ignore all calls like this - BT Openreach do have a published plan of exchange upgrades relating to their fibre broadband roll out, for instance - just be wary of companies claiming to be calling "on behalf of BT".

Take as many notes as you can on the call, and then either call BT Openreach directly to ask them if there are any planned works, or call a local telecoms company you do trust and speak to them, which is exactly what our client did!

In case you've had similar callers, this case happened on 27/06/2014 and was in the Doncaster area. I can't name the company in question as our client wasn't certain of the name, and I wouldn't want to accuse the wrong people!


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