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Dad’s Army: Our small part in the making of the hit movie.

Feb 10, 2016 1:24:16 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, Case Study, Dad's Army, TV, Film


The new Dad’s Army movie has zoomed into the UK Box Office Top 10 after its release last week, and here at One2Call we have a particular interest in this movie due to the very small role we had in its production.

It all started back in October 2014 with a call from a company called ‘DA Productions’ needing phone and internet services for a location in Scarborough.

We get a lot of these calls because of our growing reputation for being able to get on-location offices up and running with phones and broadband very quickly. Usually, though, the production company is named after the production (like ‘Hank Zipzer’ or ‘Happy Valley’, two of the TV productions we’ve helped) so there is no mystery. This ‘DA Productions’ didn’t reveal anything, but we’re professionals, so we didn’t pry!

It was also a pretty usual order – a couple handsets on our flexible cloud-based phone system, with more to follow as the production grew – so we dispatched an engineer up to Scarborough to set them up and thought nothing of it.

The next order wasn’t for more handsets, though, it was for a dedicated broadband line into a hotel room! An unusual request even in our line of work! Apparently one of the ‘stars’ of their new production was an avid football fan and wanted his own broadband connection to keep up to date with the games!

Of course we wondered who it might be, but busy as we are, we didn’t wonder for too long!

It was only when the stellar cast was announced for the new Dad’s Army film, and that filming was due to begin in Scarborough, that we put all the pieces together – ‘DA Productions’ = ‘Dad’s Army Productions’!

We were pretty excited when we realised, and of course, we immediately wondered who the big football fan was, but we still haven’t figured it out!
It’s great that the film is finally out and doing so well, and we can’t wait to go and see it ourselves.

I wonder if we’ll get a credit!

More about our products for Film & TV productions.

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World's most advanced crime lab uses Cisco phone system...sort of.

Feb 2, 2015 4:32:21 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, Cisco, pbx, Phone, Telecoms, TV


Some of the technology used in TV crime drama CSI is not just cutting edge, it's science fiction, but the Cisco video phone technology seen in the latest episode is affordable to businesses of any size.

It's a terrible affliction to have your TV viewing pleasure interrupted because you've spotted a phone handset and you want to pause the TV to see what type it is, but such is the life of a phone system nerd.

Our latest spot was at the end of the latest episode of Channel 5's long-running techno-fetishist crime drama CSI in which silver-haired former Cheers hunk Ted Danson, AKA CSI Russell, was seen wrapping up that episode's storyline via a speakerphone conversation on a Cisco 9900 series handset (see picture).

The amount of technology the fictional CSI team use in solving even the most minor case suggests that they are extremely well funded, but we're bringing these high-tech solutions even to the smallest businesses with our recently added Cisco Small Business in a Box solution.

So if you want lift your businesses into the Hollywood A-league, at least in terms of phone systems, get in touch!

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