Meet the Team.

Danny Kirkby
Technical Director

Co-owner and chief techie. Danny's the one to contact before starting your next big tech project, upgrade or  office move.

Danny is also One2Call's Chief Gourmet Officer (CGO) as his holidays invariably involve sampling the finest and weirdest foods available to mankind.

Nick Bass
Commercial Director

The other co-owner and chief wheel turner. Nick's main job is to keeps everything running smoothly internally.

Nick's hobbies are planning holidays, booking holidays and being on holiday. And watching Sheffield Wednesday, which isn't much of a holiday.

Jack Peake
Operations Manager

Dream car:
Dodge Charger SRT

Favourite band:

Paul Hibberd
Security Consultant Engineer
Steph Kirkby
Financial Controller
Adam Zatorski
IT Consultant Engineer
James Smithen
Communications Engineer
Becky Kirkby
Financial Controller
Pawel Kozlowski
IT Engineer
Stuart Berry
Communications Engineer
Niamh Brady
Company Administrator
Ryan Howden
IT Support Engineer
Jordan Walker
Telecoms Support Engineer
Alex Hodgson
Business Development

Favourite Film:
Grosse Point Blank

Dream car:
Citroen DS

Arran Kearney
Infrastructure Engineer
Steve Kearney
Infrastructure Engineer