Microsoft Co Pilot Has Arrived. Is Your Business Ready?

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Microsoft Copilot promises to be a transformative business AI tool, but it’s not quite as simple as installing it and running with it; you need to make sure your data is in good shape to avoid breaches and compliance issues.

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What is Microsoft Copilot?

Say hello to an intuitive AI tool that can transform and streamline workflows for every member of your team with ease.

Microsoft recently launched a suite of AI tools, labelled Copilot, across its product network. There are different types of Copilot that work with different programs and offer unique advantages to users. One of the most highly anticipated Copilots is Copilot for Microsoft 365, which is set to completely transform the future of working.  

Copilot is integrated into the Microsoft apps that more than one million businesses worldwide currently use every day, including:  

  • Outlook  
  • Word  
  • PowerPoint  
  • Excel  
  • OneNote  
  • SharePoint  
  • Teams  
  • Chat  

    AI is already being rolled out across businesses of all sizes to streamline processes and reduce administrative churn, and Microsoft Copilot AI promises to take this efficiency and productivity boost to the next level. Touted as Microsoft’s ‘iPhone moment’, businesses that fail to adopt AI technology in the workplace risk being left behind as their competitors exceed output targets and find new ways to work smarter, not harder.  

    How MS Copilot works 

    MS Copilot for 365 is an intuitive, unique approach to AI for business. Rather than pulling information solely from the internet, Microsoft 365 Copilot is grounded in your data. It can access your data and files that are stored in Microsoft Graph to gather accurate contextual insights based on your unique job role and workflow patterns. By combining these contextual insights with a large language model (LLM) and scouring the internet through the power of GPT-4 (OpenAI), Copilot can provide you with the most precise, targeted assistance from open-ended prompts. 

    The success of Copilot for business relies on your data and security posture. To be able to enjoy the full benefits, your IT infrastructure needs to be ready. If not, you could expose your business to a number of data and security issues. Assess your suitability with a FREE Microsoft Copilot readiness assessment from One2Call.  

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    microsoft co pilot - how it works

    What it can do  

    With Microsoft Copilot, your team can do things like: 

    • Sort data in Excel 
    • Quickly find files anywhere in your MS environment  
    • Answer quick-fire questions  
    • Catching you up on email threads in Outlook 
    • Provide transcripts/summaries of missed meetings in Teams 
    • Draft content in Microsoft Word 
    • Turn a PDF document into a PowerPoint Presentation with speaker notes 

    How Can Microsoft Copilot Benefit Your Business?

    Adopting business Copilot is the key to keeping up with the competition and helping every member of your team better use their time to generate higher quality work and deliverables.  

    When Copilot is properly installed and optimised for your business, you can:  

    Unlock work productivity and scalability  

    Approximately 70% of people using Copilot say it has made them considerably more productive (which contributes to scalability across teams).  

    Increase efficiency

    On average, people using Copilot report saving 14 minutes every day, or 1.2 hours a week, with just under a quarter of users even reporting more than 30 minutes of time savings everyday thanks to process automation.

    Enhance creativity 

    Microsoft Copilot can help users overcome creativity roadblocks, with 57% of users saying that it made them more productive.  

    Data analysis and insights  

    By using your company data, Copilot can spot patterns and assess data to provide actionable insights, reducing the labour intensity associated with administrative work.  

    Increase accessibility  

    Finding the right files in a large network can be a job in and of itself; but Copilot negates this. Simply ask Copilot to find a specific file and it will fetch it for you, leading to better accessibility across your entire MS environment.  

    Upskill your team  

    With an intuitive AI companion at your disposal, your team can learn new skills and understand each other’s job roles better, allowing them to upskill effortlessly. 

    Cyber Security

    Is your business ready for Microsoft Copilot?

    Copilot can be revolutionary for your business, but only if your data and compliance are in good shape prior to integration.

    Microsoft Copilot is integrated directly into the MS 365 apps you already use, making it extremely user friendly, but because it’s grounded in your data, it only works to its full potential when you invest in data security management prior to integration. If your business data and user access controls aren’t organised correctly, you risk members of your team gaining access to files they shouldn’t (e.g. payroll information or internal meeting transcripts).  

    To prevent internal data breaches and data compliance issues, it’s recommended that you assess your full data landscape and adjust user permissions as necessary. You also need to make sure you meet the correct prerequisites, including:  

    • The correct subscription package (MS 365 E3/E5/A3/A5 or MS Business Standard/Premium) 
    • WebSocket connections 
    • Azure Active Directory account (Entra or Azure ID) 
    • Purview Information Protection 

    Without meeting the above criteria, you won’t be able to access Microsoft Copilot or leverage its vast array of capabilities. If you’re unsure where to start with getting your business ready for Copilot, One2Call can help. 

    Get Ready for Microsoft Copilot with a FREE Readiness Assessment

    With so many tangible benefits across the full Microsoft 365 suite, and with every member of your team standing to benefit from its use, your business can’t afford to miss out on Microsoft Copilot. Before you get started, it’s important to assess your complete Microsoft ecosystem and prime your data and access controls to prevent data breaches and leaks and to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transition.

    Make sure your business stays one step ahead and is in a position to make the most of Copilot by undertaking a FREE one-hour security and readiness high-level assessment from One2Call. Once you’ve completed the assessment we’ll even give you a FREE 12 month licence to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

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