Bespoke  Leased Lines 

Get the features your business needs from a single provider for a single price!

Bespokable options include:
  • Speeds up to 10gbps.
  • DDoS monitoring & prevention.
  • Managed Quality of Service/WAN optimisation.
  • Connection & carrier diverse resillience.
  • Multisite (SD-WAN, MPLS).
  • Management dashboard.

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£2,500 in grant funding.

Why not check your eligibility now, because if you're a qualifying SME you could claim up to £2,500 in grant funding for your Gigabit  connection. 


100% dedicated, unshared connection.

Unlike some of the offerings in the market place this is a true Leased Line where the connection and the bandwidth is 100% yours, all the time. No sharing, no throttling and much greater reliability.


Hosted Firewall.

Remove the burden on on-site harware, or add an extra layer of protection at the network level, with our Hosted Firewall option. It can even be fully managed to make your life even simpler.


Quality of Service (QoS)

QoS makes your business quicker and smoother by ensuring your most important network traffic, such as servers, cloud services and voice, gets priority. QoS can be complex to set up, which is why we offer QoS as a Services on all our business connections.


DDoS Prevention

A DDoS attack can cripple your business. This simple bolt-on watches for spikes in requests and can take action such as forwarding requests to nowhere our defaulting to whitelists only.


Multisite Options.

Considering your sites and users as a single connectivity need is the best way to maximise flexibility and productivity. Through MPLS or SD-WAN we help you build the multisite solution that's best for everyone in your business.

"I would like to pass on my appreciation to the team at One2Call for the service we received.

You guys went above and beyond to deliver an excellent service and to minimise down time for us.

Jack and Adam were excellent throughout.  If you ever need somebody to do a write up or recommendation for you I would be more than happy to provide"

David Stocks

TL Killis

David Stocks

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