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Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams explained in under 5 minutes

Mar 31, 2020 7:30:00 AM / by Alex Hodgson

Direct Routing for MS Team in under 5 mins FINAL

Although we are proud to be Microsoft partners here at One2Call, I think it’s fair to say it isn’t always as easy as it should be to find out the information you need about some of their products and services.

When it comes to Direct Routing, which enables calling to external numbers through Microsoft Teams, I found the information available either too technical, too in depth, or just waaaaay too looooong!

So I set myself the challenge of explaining this excellent option for Microsoft Teams users in a simple and easy to understand way, in less than 5 minutes.

See how I did in the video above or read a version of the transcript below.

Easy Direct Routing

Our Easy Direct Routing service is mentioned at the end of the video. It really is the simplest way to connect your SIP trunks or a phone system to your Microsoft Teams.

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Edited Transcript:

Hi, it's Alex from One2Call here and I've set myself the challenge of explaining direct routing for Microsoft Teams in under five minutes. So, let's see how we go!

Microsoft Teams Tranparent

What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is a way to connect your own telephony services to Microsoft Teams.

In essence it allows you to utilize more phone system features than are built into Teams, either by connecting your own or another phone system.

It allows you to

  • keep control over your inbound numbers
  • make your own deals on your calling plans
  • avoid Microsoft's own expensive calling plan bundles
  • gives you better resilience options in terms of not having all your services with Microsoft
  • gives you options if Microsoft goes down to root your calls a different way


How do I do it

You will need:

  • a Microsoft approved Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • for Office 365 E3 licenses or lower you will need the Phone System add-on license and also the Audio Conferencing add-on license (if you wish to allow external parties to call into your audio conferences which most people will)
  • Office 365 E5 license and above which has Phone System and Audio Conferencing bundled in


So, easy right?


SBC's are a complex piece of equipment that deals with security and routing of your calls. It needs setting up properly and properly maintaining.

SBCs can be expensive. Depending on the size of your system it can be as expensive as a traditional PBX phone system.

It's also not a common IT specialism. It's not something you can assume that you can just hand over to your IT team and they're going to know how to do it all, or be able to learn quickly.


So, should I do it?

For most businesses, yes.

It gives you greater control over your important inbound calls and your customers’ inbound dialling and over the numbers that your teams are calling out.

It means you're not wholly reliant on Microsoft which gives you extra resilience and failover options.

And it can give you much better functionality on your inbound calls than Microsoft enables built in. So, extra phone system features you might be using already, call centre features, call recording, call reports and things like that.


But you said it’s difficult?

Well, it can be it doesn't have to be!

Easy Direct Routing by One2Call enables calling in teams without any SBC purchase or management.

You can use could use SIP trunks, your SIP trunks, your phone system or our phone system – just configure it however you like!

And it can be delivered as an all-in-one solution to customers with Teams licenses, Direct Routing connection, SIP trunks and phone system features in one!

It's a much simpler, easier way to enable inbound and outbound dialling with your Microsoft Teams.

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Alex Hodgson

Written by Alex Hodgson

Marketing expert and Business Development Manager here at One2Call.

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