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Lord Sugar knows to leave telecoms to the experts at Mitel

Feb 23, 2015 11:47:35 AM / by One2Call

When surfing Twitter recently we came across this interesting tweet from @EdBlanchard123 revealing Lord Sugar's excellent taste in telephone provider:


Gazillionaires like Alan Sugar only use the best, and Lord Sugar appears to use Mitel phones, as seen in this screenshot from BBC1's The Apprentice.

As @EdBlanchard123 points out, he seems to be the top of the range Mitel 5360, but there's a tin glimpse of what looks to be a Mitel 5330 there too (Demo Kit Sir Alan?). Obviously Sir Lord Alan is so busy that he often finds himself on two calls at once!

Of course, Lord Sugar is no stranger to the world of telephones, and one could call his early internet phone 'pioneering' if it had changed anything. But the Amserve Em@iler proved an expensive luxury no-one really wanted in 2000, and it's production led to losses at Amstrad.

That's why these days Lord Sugar sticks to letting the experts at Mitel and it's partners take care of business communication for him!

Lord_Sugar_Amcreeen_Emailer Lord Sugar with one of his less than successful em@ler phones.

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Written by One2Call

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