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Microsoft's Domestic Calling Plan prices slashed.

Apr 9, 2020 4:59:41 PM / by Alex Hodgson

UPDATE: Prices and service details now available here.

As experts in both business voice and Microsoft 365 solutions, we've been working along our roadmap of building alternatives to Microsoft's extortionate Calling Plans for a while, but what with "one thing and another" (nod, wink) causing half the world to suddenly realise out of the blue that Microsoft Teams is brilliant, we've had to pretty much turn our roadmap into a teleportation device!

Easy Direct Routing


Thankfully our Easy Direct Routing service was already up and running when  when the effluent struck the air oscillator, so we're already enabling businesses to bridge the gap between their existing communications setups and their use of MS Teams for collaboration.

You can read more about Easy Direct Routing here, but in essence it's a way to integrate your existing communications systems, from full phone system to single trunks, directly with Microsoft Teams and avoid committing fully to Microsoft and their exortionate call costs.

It's ideal for customers who want to keep their existing calling plans, phone system features or only move some of their workforce to Microsoft Teams.

What is Direct Routing?

But what if your happy with the basic phone system features that Microsoft offers, don;t have legacy systems or contracts to keep, and just want to be enabe external calling for your Microsoft 365 users?

That's where our new Calling Packs will come in,

The cheaper alternative to Microsoft Domestic Calling Plans.

We're just finalsing the full commercials at the moment ahead of a full launch in May, but we're leveraging our Direct Routing technology in such a way that we already we'll be undercutting Microsoft's prices for the vasy majority of businesses.

If ever you've searched for a simple answer as to how much Microsoft charge for their Calling Plans you'll know it's like trying to find Brigadoon, but roughly speaking their Domestive Calling Plan is around £9.50 per user, per month, with 1,200 minutes inclusive (although this varies depending on vendor and estate size).

Not only will our Calling Packs give you between 2,000 and 4,000 UK minutes, dependant on commitments, but we'll be charging many pounds less than £9.50pm. Our Calling Packs will also have the added benefit of not cutting your service off when you've used up your credits!

Register your interest.

So if you're interested in taking the leap into full voice enablement via Microsoft Teams at a much more affordable price, fill in the form below and we'll message you our prices as soon as they are confirmed, and let you know when you can order.



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Alex Hodgson

Written by Alex Hodgson

Marketing expert and Business Development Manager here at One2Call.

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