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Ultrafast Broadband now available in Scunthorpe.

10 Gbps full-fibre broadband from Scunthorpe centre and Foxhills to Skippingdale and Flixborough. 

2021 is set to be the year that Scunthorpe businesses finally say goodbye to super-slow speeds, unreliable wireless broadband and extra-expensive Leased Lines.

Thanks to a partnership between One2Call and ITS Faster Britain many Scunthorpe businesses can now connect directly to a 10Gbps full-fibre “spine” stretching from Scunthorpe town centre, through Foxhills and out to the Flixborough and Skippingdale trading estates.

With services starting at 100Mbps download and stretching up to a startling 10,000Mbps (10Gbps) those forward-thinking businesses that rush to adopt the new services are likely to benefit hugely.

Benefits of the new roll-out include:

  • Available now at more than 100 Scunthorpe postcodes
  • More to be added throughout summer 2021.
  • Speeds start at around 4 times faster than previously available connections (100Mbps).
  • 10,000Mbps (10Gbps) available.
  • All services full-fibre, right up to your building.
  • Cost-effective options for all businesses.
  • Leased Line prices drastically reduced.
  • Peace of mind adoption with service & security bolt-ons.

Recent events have shown us just how critical fast and reliable broadband is to all businesses, and with this full-fibre roll-out Scunthorpe business can finally compete, and excel, in the digital-first business world.

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CONTENDED means the overall bandwidth available may be shared with other nearby businesses. You could experience a slight reduction in speed at busy times. - UNCONTENDED means all of the bandwidth is yours all of the time. If you need to ensure maximum speeds at all times, you need an uncontended service.

Can I get ultrafast broadband?

The rollout continues apace but we’re ready to install at more than 100 postcodes already. Check our list of live locations below.

If you’re on the list then congratulations, you’re ready to order! Complete the quote request form for pricing details. If you’re not on the list, don’t worry, we’re adding new locations all the time.

DN15 5AA DN15 5ZZ
DN15 5BY
DN15 5DE
DN15 5DQ
DN15 5DR
DN15 5FD
DN15 5FJ
DN15 5FP
DN15 5FQ
DN15 5 FR
DN15 6AB DN15 6DJ DN15 6ET DN15 6HS DN15 6LQ DN15 6SA
DN15 6AD DN15 6EA DN15 6EY DN15 6HW DN15 6LT DN15 6SB
DN15 6AJ DN15 6ED DN15 6HA DN15 6JL DN15 6LU DN15 6SD
DN15 6AL DN15 6EG DN15 6HB DN15 6JQ DN15 6LX DN15 6SF
DN15 6AR DN15 6EH DN15 6HG DN15 6JZ DN15 6LY DN15 6XQ
DN15 6AS DN15 6EL DN15 6HJ DN15 6LA DN15 6LZ DN15 6XR
DN15 6AY DN15 6EN DN15 6HL DN15 6LD DN15 6NE
DN15 6BA DN15 6EP DN15 6HN DN15 6LF DN15 6PY
DN15 6BG DN15 6ER DN15 6HP DN15 6LN DN15 6QZ
DN15 6BH DN15 6ES DN15 6HQ DN15 6LP DN15 6RA
DN15 7AA DN15 7PR
DN15 7BD DN15 7PT
DN15 7JN DN15 7PU
DN15 7JU DN15 7PX
DN15 7NA DN15 7QJ
DN15 7PA DN15 7QL
DN15 7PE
DN15 7PG
DN15 7PN
DN15 7PQ


DN15 8GN
DN15 8GP
DN15 8PT
DN15 8QJ
DN15 8QN
DN15 8QP
DN15 8QW
DN15 8RE
DN15 8RG
DN15 9AJ
DN15 9BL
DN15 9GE
DN15 9YA
DN15 9YG
DN15 9YH
DN15 9YJ
DN16 1WY
DN16 1XL
DN17 2WY
DN17 4XB
Who are One2Call?

About One2Call

One2Call has worked closely with ITS Faster Broadband to build out a fibre network capable to huge speeds of up to 10Gbps (10,000mbps) in some of Scunthorpe’s most in-need business areas. 

Business on Flixborough, Skippingdale and Foxhills Trading Estates have for years had to put up with ultra-slow ADSL speeds of less than 10mbps or marginally faster wireless services that suffer from disruption in poor weather. Thankfully those woes are now at an end as our full-fibre, fully-wired services begin to roll out.  

With ultrafast and ultra-reliable connectivity finally available, Scunthorpe’s business community can finally plan with certainty to take advantage of the huge gains in productivity, efficiency and customer communications that cloud-first businesses can achieve. 

And One2Call is there to help them every step of the way. 

    Who is One2Call?

    We’re a Yorkshire-based ISP and business technology provider. 

    We’ve been providing business-grade connectivity to UK businesses for more than a decade. We specialise in finding solutions for businesses struggling to get the business-grade connectivity they need.  

    Our track record includes: 

    • Drawing down Government funding of more than £250,000 to help desperate businesses to upgrade their connectivity. 
    • Connecting poorly served business parks by building our own locally distributed Wireless Leased Lines.   
    • Early-adopter of EoFTTC technology to plug gaps between FTTC and Leased Line. 
    • Developing unique bolt-on services to make it easier for our customers to adopt cloud-based technologies. 
    • Building our Bespoke Leased Line service for experienced IT Manager to pick and choose the services they need. 

    We are able to create unique solutions for customers because of the depth of in-house knowledge that we possess.  Because we’re experienced across connectivity, networking, connectivity, security and cloud services we can anticipate issues other more narrowly focused companies might not and build integrated solutions across the whole business infrastructure. 

    Browse this website to learn more about what One2Call can offer you. 

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      Kevin Wood, IT Consultant

      The service from Jack has been 110% throughout in line with the excellent service I’ve received since discovering One2Call. Thanks Jack and all.

      Julia Wallace-Ross, Cornerstones Education

      So grateful for Jordan coming out so quickly and helping me out.

      Christina, Wildes Education

      Adam was really polite and respectful of the fact that I don’t know a lot about computers and software.