One2Call Mobile: built for business.

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When it come to mobile, business priorities have changed. Data, coverage and security are just as important as having the latest handsets. That’s why we work with each business to build a bespoke package that’s best for them, whatever their priorities.

Safe and Secure

Without proper security every new device goes from being a business asset to a business risk. That’s why we offer hard-ass security device security from IBM.

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Hassle Free Management

With Total Care Mobile we’ll manage the lot; orders, deployment, replacements, changes and more. Or stay in control with our simple self-service portal.

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Best for Business

Our direct network relationship means we can build the package that works best for you. Get the handsets you want on the network you want with the features you want!

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Converged communications

Route calls intelligently across fixed and mobile networks with our converged communications platform. A single platform for all your business communications.

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Safe and Secure

Our advanced device security platform is powered by IBM technology and enables us to provide enterprise-grade security measures instantly and directly to your devices. Device security is included in Total Care Mobile, our complete mobile device management service.

Core Features

  • Remotely locate, lock or wipe stolen devices.
  • Enforce passcodes and encryption.
  • Configure passcode quality, length and duration.
  • Geofencing – enforce security rules based on location.
  • Configure WiFi, VPN, email, calendar and contacts remotely
  • Detect and restrict jailbroken or rooted devices.
  • Easy deployment via SMS, email or URL.
  • Approve or quarantine new mobile devices on the network.
  • Bulk enrolments for new handsets or policies.
  • Integration with MS Exchange, 365 or Lotus Notes.
  • Reset forgotten passwords.
  • Configured settings updated in real time.
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Hassle Free Management

Say goodbye to the stress of managing your company’s mobile devices.

Total Care Mobile is our hassle-free management service with business-grade security included.

Once you’ve chosen your package and handsets we manage the rest!

With Total Care Mobile we manage:

  • Advanced device security (read more).
  • SIM ordering and deployment.
  • Handset ordering and setup.
  • Security policy deployment and management.
  • Lost/Stolen device security measures.
  • Replacement handset deployment.
  • PAC and number porting.
  • Number changes and diverts.
  • User setup and change of details.
  • Additional services and bolt ons.
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Best for Business

Flexible contract lengths.

Flexible contract lengths.

Our direct network relationship means we can tailor a contract to suit your business:

  • Tailored contract lengths, starting from 30 days.
  • On demand SIM setup and activation.
  • Pre-activated SIMs on your site for instant deployment.
  • Activate SIMs to any profile, from data only to global roaming.
  • Help porting numbers across from multiple providers.

The device to fit your needs.

The device to fit your needs.

If you’re tech savvy enough to know what devices your business needs, that’s great!

If not, that’s great too!

With One2Call Mobile we give you a hardware fund to use as and where you see fit.

If you need advice we’re more than happy to guide you on the best devices for your needs, and as part of our service we can even acquire them, and set them up and ship them to for you ready to use!

Network roaming SIMs.

Network roaming SIMs.

Get the maximum coverage possible with our Network Roaming SIMs.

Our core network covers 97% of the UK population, but for those few places where it doesn’t quite reach, our Network Roaming bolt-on allows your SIM to connect to other networks in order to keep you working.

And because it’s a service bolt on, we can enable it almost instantantly if you find yourself short of signal at a vital time!

Business voicemail.

Business voicemail.

Unlike other providers, our business-centric voicemail platform ensures that your organisation appears ready for business:

  • In and out-of-hours greetings.
  • Personalise greetings for specific callers (ie important customers get a special greeting).
  • 30 day storage of unsaved messages.
  • Store up to 1000 messages.

Converged communications.

Converged communications
Welcome to Connect, the next revolution in your business communications.

Connect fully integrates your mobile phone with your office telephone system, bringing the power of your desk phone to your mobile.

A simple per-user monthly fee gives you a single solution that means your customers can talk to the right people more of the time, your employees are more available more of the time, and your team save time in administering separate mobile and fixed line contracts.

Connect works because Horizon, our cloud-based phone system, and One2Call Mobile are hosted on the same network. This allows complex data to be transferred between the two, enabling feature-rich telecommunications across fixed and mobile devices.

For instance:

One number.

Direct calls to your extension, direct dial or mobile number to your desk phone, mobile or both.

One voicemail.

A single inbox on fixed and mobile handsets, accessible in the same way.

One bill.

Converged is a single service covering desk phones and mobiles, no more separate bills for lines, mobiles and maintenance.

Switch live calls.

Move live calls from fixed to mobile or vice versa without interruption.

Unified call recording.

Inbound and outbound calls recorded on fixed and mobile to ensure quality and safety regardless of device.

Mobiles in call groups.

Avoid unanswered calls by including mobile users in inbound call groups.

Mobile presentation control.

Control what number is displayed when mobile calls are made, such as your business main line or mobile number.

Vast handset support.

Converged is enabled by the SIM, not the device, meaning almost any modern handset can be used.

Extension from mobile.

Move live calls from fixed to mobile or vice versa without interruption.

SIM powered.

No apps needed, just make calls as normal on your mobile and it’s connected to the phone system at a network level.

Companion app.

Enables enhanced features like visual voicemail, call pull, call controls, company contacts & caller id.

No more deskphones?

Leave deskphones behind altogether. Inbound calls are managed by phone system and answered anywhere from your Converged mobile device.