Phishing Prevention in your Area: Stay Wary of Cyber Traps

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Phishing Prevention in your Area: Stay Wary of Cyber Traps


Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. This presents a challenging landscape where the risk of falling victim to sophisticated cyberattacks continues to rise. Cybercriminals have perfected the art of deception, often imitating renowned brands like Microsoft, DHL, Google, Amazon, among others. Leveraging brand logos, colours, and exploiting common errors such as locked accounts or fraudulent messages, these cybercriminals skilfully manipulate recipients into clicking malicious links or divulging sensitive credentials.

Considering the sheer volume of cyber assaults is a staggering reality. On average, organisations grapple with approximately 1,185 phishing attacks monthly, equating to nearly 40 attacks daily. Even more concerning is the success rate; a remarkable 74% of these attacks, especially those targeting businesses through phishing, are effective, as per Expert Insights.

Amid this concerning landscape however, there is hope. Embracing proactive measures can significantly mitigate these risks. Here are four crucial strategies to shield your business against phishing attacks:

#1 Email Security

Empowering your defence through email security filters places the control in your hands. These filters meticulously scan employees’ devices for malicious content, discerning and blocking harmful emails while ensuring safe ones reach their destinations. Deployable as a cloud service or on-premises application, these filters serve as a barrier, intercepting potential threats before they breach your network. Additionally, leveraging advanced software equipped with AI and machine learning capabilities enhances monitoring, identifying, and flagging suspicious communication within your email ecosystem.

#2 Cybersecurity Training

The power of security awareness training cannot be overstated. Employees equipped with the knowledge garnered from such programs become adept at identifying and reporting suspicious emails. The impact is evident; organisations witness an 87% improvement rate after just one year of training, according to the latest KnowBe4 Phishing by Industry report. Empowering your workforce with these skills transforms them into a formidable line of defence against phishing threats.

#3 Backup Your Data

The grim reality of cyberattacks succeeding at an alarming rate, especially through phishing, underscores the vital importance of data backup. Nearly 75% of cyberattacks targeting businesses prove successful, emphasising the urgency for preventive measures. Regular backups in multiple secure locations serve as a crucial contingency against downtime, mitigating potential brand damage caused by breaches. Regular testing of these backups further fortifies your defences.

#4 Incorporate a Managed IT Partner

Collaborating with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offers a holistic security approach. MSPs not only fortify your devices with Security Gateway (SEG) solutions and implement Perimeter Defence Protection (PDP), but they also provide insights into localised phishing tactics. Outsourcing your IT security to these experts ensures proactive measures against evolving cyber threats, freeing you from the complexities of staying ahead of potential breaches.

While the spectre of cyberattacks looms, our commitment to safeguarding your business remains unwavering. Rest assured; our round-the-clock support is dedicated to ensuring your business remains secure. Contact us today and reclaim control over your business security landscape.


How One2Call Can Help

Protect your business from the growing threat of phishing attacks! With cybercriminals mimicking big brands and exploiting vulnerabilities, your defences need to be stronger than ever.

At One2Call, we offer a suite of comprehensive services—from email security filters and cybersecurity training to robust backup solutions and expert guidance. Don’t become another statistic in the rising tide of successful attacks. Take control of your security today and let us safeguard your business 24/7.

Contact us now and fortify your defences against cyber threats!


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