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Do you have a CCTV system in place? Does your current CCTV system have poor quality making its presence irrelevant? Do you want expert night coverage to keep your building secure at all times? That’s where One2Call’s modern business CCTV systems come in, helping prevent theft, vandalism, and much more.  

Constant technological advancements mean that CCTV systems gain more capabilities every day, which One2Call develop into a managed package specifically designed for your business. Systems could include full-colour night vision, number plate recognition, person recognition, behavioural analytics, and much more all contained within one system for ease of use.   

Perimeter Security, Day and Night Protection

Most business often find themselves the most vulnerable during the night when business buildings are usually deserted. Full colour night vision cameras offer a clearer and richer picture than black and white cameras allowing for details within an image to be identified easily. This paired with high-resolution imagery and weather protection, keeps the image clear despite effects from the surrounding environment. 

The level of quality One2Call’s CCTV systems reach also allows for the reduction of false alarms. We are able to eliminate unnecessary alerts from the natural environment, such as surrounding greenery, animal movement detection, and more accurate detection through person recognition.  

Person Recognition

Security advantages of CCTV also expands to touch-free access into and around your buildings including facial and fingerprint recognition or even QR codes. This improves the security in and out of your business as well reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses around the building’s most common touchpoints.  

Person recognition’s capabilities extend normal CCTV as it also has the ability to detect and track a person between cameras, as well as identify their age/gender/clothing colour, giving you more power through your CCTV facilities, therefore, securing your business more successfully empowering you to provide more information to the relevant authorities if the worst does happen. 

CCTV for Behavioural Analytics

The requirement based on CCTV Systems have expanded on their original use and they have become smarter and their capabilities greater. For example, one of these uses includes Fall Detection which can help detect and treat any fall with information including the location of the fall and video surveillance of the incident. This technology can be extremely useful in preventing/minimising serious injury helping avoid liabilities.  

Additionally, CCTV systems have the capabilities to count people in and out of your business’ physical spaces. This can prove very important in the management of safety as part of density control with the adding benefits of understanding visitor flow statistics in understanding how your spaces are used. This information can be used for marketing analytics to help improve things like visitor experience, the demographic of visitors, and much more.  

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