Why does your business need Cyber Essentials Certification?

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Is your business Cyber Essentials certified? Do you struggle to understand what you need to maintain solid cyber security? Our IT experts can do all the techie bits for you and guide you through the rest allowing you to build cyber essentials into the core of your business.

Cyber Essentials has been developed by the Government’s National Cyber Security Council (NCSC) as a standard for Cyber Security and IT Management for UK businesses. This has been introduced in response to the modernisation of businesses to helping to implement core security principles in everyday business life. Many businesses, especially those working with government, are required or are being requested to be Cyber Essentials (or Cyber Essentials Plus) certified before they can do business.

When addressing Cyber Essentials in your business, it is always important to start at the beginning to take away the daunting aspect of starting fresh with lots of areas to cover. Our experts can formulate a plan of action to make sure every step is coordinated and carried out.

In order for your business to pass the Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment, we are able to offer businesses ‘Assisted Cyber Essentials’, which includes the price of your assessment submission, help in completing your Cyber Essentials assessment form and ensuring that you meet all of the criteria to become certified and stay certified.

The assessment form can be a daunting task and covers every aspect of your businesses cyber security. However, with One2Call’s managed services you can keep control of all your cyber security and future proof your business against cyber-attack that could cost your business thousands.

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