Why should you outsource your Network Cyber Security?

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The strength of your network’s security is the key determinant in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Establishing a solid cyber security solution is a complex task, requiring a high level of technical skills and resources. Your Cyber Security Solution has the vital role of combating the multitude of threats and vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise your bsuiness. However, building this from scratch is not always feasible, and in such instances, outsourcing becomes an appealing, if not necissary, alternative.

Why should you outsource your Network Security?

Despite the increasing prevalence of cyber attacks, there remains a common misconception, especially among small to medium sized businesses, that these threats are distant issues – that is, until they hit home. Adopting an outsourced network security approach is a preemptive strategy, preparing you for potential cyber attacks in advance. Even for those already knowledgeable in network security, this knowledge may not rival the in-depth understanding of a dedicated cyber security professional. Their expertise can uncover and address nuanced security gaps that could easily be overlooked by a non-professional.

Three Key Advantages of Outsourcing Your Network Security

Outsourcing your network security provides several advantages, including:

  1. Access to Expert Cyber Security Services: The rise of digital technology has created a new wave of tech-savvy threat actors. While owning a computer network may imply a certain level of technological competence, proficiency in information technology does not equate to possessing the necessary cyber security skills. Outsourcing your network security grants you access to highly skilled cyber security professionals. These experts devote their time and resources to mastering network security, ensuring the threats are addressed at their roots.
  2. Cost Savings through Targeted Security Measures: While outsourcing network security may initially seem expensive compared to a DIY approach, it could, in fact, result in much higher cost savings. Cyber Security professionals can conduct a thorough analysis of your network, identifying the most vulnerable areas that require immediate attention. By focusing your resources on these critical areas, you can achieve more efficient and effective security coverage.
  3. Customised Cyber Security Solutions: Each network is unique, requiring a tailored approach to its security. Cyber Security professionals are trained to discern these differences and provide a customised solution. They could conduct penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities, assess your cyber security risk appetite, and formulate a strategy that suits the particular dynamics of your network.

As we continue to embrace digital technology, the importance of robust cyber security measures cannot be overstated. One2Call understand all of this, we work to understand your business, how you work, who has access to what, how many remote workers you have and much more. We work to build a tailored approach to your network and Cyber Security security. If you would like to find out if your business is following the best Cyber Security practices, click the link below to download our FREE Cyber Security Assessment form.

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