Charities are being targeted with Phishing and Ransomware Attacks

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A recent threat report released in January 2023 highlights the susceptibility of the charity sector to cyber attacks, the tactics employed by cyber criminals, and the optimal strategies for charities to safeguard themselves. 

The ramifications of cyber attacks on charities, such as disruption to their services, loss of funds, or exposure of sensitive information, can be financially catastrophic and severely damage their reputation. As a result, ensuring charities are fortified against such attacks is not just a supplementary responsibility for trustees, but an essential aspect of effective governance. 

The report, which is a collaboration between the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) and the Charity Commission for England and Wales, explains why charities may be targeted and the obstacles they confront compared to governmental and commercial organisations. One example is that charities are more likely to rely on staff using their own personal IT devices (also known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD), which are more difficult to manage and secure, compared with organisation-owned and managed devices. 

The report features case studies of charities and important statistics from the DCMS’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey. Furthermore, it offers a variety of online resources to readers, including the newly launched Funded Cyber Essentials Programme, which provides eligible charities with free assistance to implement security measures. 

The best response for charities is to implement an effective cyber security processes, including; Ransomware Protection like One2Call’s ‘Next-Generation Ransomware Protection’, Active Email Threat Protection, Endpoint Defence and Response, Dark Web Monitoring and more. Our services include consistent deep monitoring of all your core systems with deep file inspections, behavioural analytics, auto-immunisation to know threats with mitigation and remediation services should an attack slip through your network. To help businesses understand if they are following the best Cyber Security practices, we have created our FREE Cyber Security Self Assessment form. Find out more about our Cyber Security and Ransomware Protection services  or contact us by clicking the link below. 

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