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Cyber attacks are a constant threat to modern businesses, but how well your business handles them depends on the solutions you have in place to protect yourself. Ignoring cybersecurity can have serious consequences, such as losing private information and breaching privacy laws, which can result in hefty fines. To help businesses, One2Call have created a Cyber Security Business Assessment to guide you on the essential cybersecurity tools, services, and resources you should be using. This assessment will help you build a baseline for your cybersecurity policies and procedures, allowing you to easily identify vulnerabilities and suggest products and services to plug the gaps in your business security. 

For example, one of the most common areas that lacks adequate security for many businesses is email. Since business communication relies heavily on email, protecting the data that passes through them is crucial. Email phishing attacks are a daily occurrence for many businesses, and attackers are becoming more convincing and using more advanced tools to try and trick businesses into responding to emails, clicking on links, or giving up vital information that could compromise the security of your business. That’s why we provide professional tools, such as Active Email Threat Protection to protect your business and its employees from phishing attacks. We can also provide training resources to educate your users on what to look out for, with our solutions identifying the most vulnerable people in your business who could be targeted in attacks. 

As a baseline for the security of your business, you should also implement strong passwords and password policies, such as monthly or quarterly password changes, or the use of two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts. You should also review user access security policies to ensure that users only have access to the files and systems in your business that are essential for them. This will limit the impact on your business if their account is compromised. 

We can also enhance your standard cybersecurity services with tools such as endpoint detection and response. Endpoint detection and response ensures that all the devices on your network are continuously protected from evolving malware, viruses, and cyber attacks, protecting your business from up to 75% more threats than standard signature-based anti-virus tools. 

However, your business security does not stop at cyber security tools, it is essential to pair all your cybersecurity tools and policies with a strong backup policy. This means that if any data is lost or corrupted as a result of an attempted attack, you have an additional layer of redundancy to restore your files. By implementing services such as Immutable Backups, you can ensure that your backups are not targeted as part of a cyber attack on your business. 

Click the link below to visit our Cyber Security page and download your free self assessment, or get in touch for the best guidance from our experts. 

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