The Importance of Cyber Security – Implementing an Impactful Incident Response Plan

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Cyber Security incidents within businesses have unfortunately become increasingly commonplace over the past decade. It is essential that organisations to have a robust incident response strategy to protect themselves from the potentially devastating consequences of successful cyber attacks. But what makes an effective cyber incident response plan? It is vital to understand the ‘why’ behind cyber security to build a strong foundation for incident response.  

Organisations must start by defining their security mission and objectives, tying security to meeting their needs, protecting stakeholders’ interests with trust, and ensuring transparency. Incident response teams are responsible for developing and implementing incident response plans and procedures, maintaining an inventory of critical assets, and monitoring for key indicators of compromise. Effective communication and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders are also vital for successful incident response.  

The incident response team should be aware of the latest cyber threats, understand if they pose a similar threat to their business and keep themselves updated on all critical assets within the organisation. Moreover, organisations must recognise that incident response is a shared responsibility and must involve key contacts from other departments to carry out the plan.  

Treating cyber risk as a strategic risk empowers businesses to adopt a proactive approach to incident response rather than a reactive one. 

Building your First Line of Cyber Define with One2Call 

Building a cyber security plan is an effective process made up of a magnitude of different components. However, it’s all about finding the right process for your business. Analysing the current state of your businesses first line of cyber define will be the first step for a member of team to build a better understanding of where the gaps are within your network but also working with you to get a better understanding of what you want. 

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