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Following a cyber attack, Yellow Pages Canada has confirmed a data breach that resulted in the exposure of personal information belonging to both employees and some customers. The company has issued a statement to CityNews acknowledging the incident and affirming that they have taken immediate action to investigate the situation with the help of external cyber security experts to secure their systems. While the extent of the breach is currently unknown, Yellow Pages has stated that they have informed all affected individuals and regulatory authorities responsible for privacy. 

The investigation has revealed that an unauthorised third party accessed and stole personal information from servers that contained data about Yellow Pages employees, as well as some limited information related to their business customers. In response, the company has worked tirelessly to resolve the issue and restore their services. “Substantially all of our services have now been restored,” the statement concluded. 

This is not the first time a Canadian organisation has suffered from a cyber attack. Earlier this year, book retailer Indigo experienced a data leak that exposed the personal information of both current and former employees. Originally known for printing phone directories in the early 20th century, Yellow Pages has evolved to primarily provide digital marketing opportunities to businesses. The company went public in 2003. 

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