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HOW TO: Get Your Voicemails Emailed to You as Text.

Jun 20, 2019 9:27:00 AM / by Alex Hodgson posted in 3cx, SME, voicemail, transcription


One of the things that makes 3CX so popular is that there are just so many features thrown in to each of their 3 license levels, meaning you can pay for what you need, but then also explore the features you might not have thought about before.

Voicemail to text transcription is perhaps one of those features.

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I can see voicemail-to-text being a useful feature for:

  • Secretaries and PAs who currently type up voicemails.
  • Legal and financial professionals who need to keep detailed notes on every customer interaction for regulatory and billing purposes.
  • And road warriors who can get their car to read out emails as they drive, rather than waiting for later.

Take a look at our video below (or on YouTube here) showing how simple this is to set up, or follow the written instructions which are below the video.

3CX voice to text


How to set up voicemail to text transcription

1. Before you start

To enable this feature you will need a 3CX Pro or Enterprise license, and a Google Cloud account with billing details set up as there is a tiny, micro cent fee per minute of transcription.


2. Google Cloud setup

Once that’s all done Login to your GCloud console.

  1. Click on the burger menu on the top left of the screen and navigate to “APIs & Services” > “Dashboard”.
  2. Click “Enable APIs & Services” and search for “Cloud Speech-to-Text API”, select and click “Enable”.In the video it shows “Manage” instead of Enable as I’ve already set this up once, but the next steps are the same.
  3. Next, Go to “APIs & Services”, then “Credentials” and select “Create Credentials” and then  select “API Key”.This creates you an API key which you need to copy and keep for later use.
  4. Then select “Restrict Key”. Choose a “Name” for the API key, then In “Application restrictions” select “IP addresses”. By adding the IP address of your 3CX system here only your system can access the API. You can find your system’s IP address on your 3CX dashboard and copy and paste it from there.
  5. Next, In the “API restrictions” section, select the “Restrict key” option and then choose the “Cloud Speech-to-Text API” to restrict access only to this API. Click “Save” to apply your configuration, and that’s the Google Cloud section of the setup done.

3. 3CX set up.

  1. Login to the 3CX Management console and navigate to “Settings” and then “Voicemail”.
  2. Tick the checkbox next to “Voicemail Transcription” and then copy and paste your Cloud Speech-to-Text API key into the “Google Speech API Key” field.
  3. Select your preferred language from the “Speech Language”dropdown menu and click “OK” to apply the settings.

And that’s the setup done!

Now, so long as you have voicemail to email selected for the extension, the transcribed text is included in the email body for received voicemails. 

Let’s look at an example I’ve just created.

First, here’s the audio…

3CX voice to text - test audio

And here’s the transcribed text from the email:

VM email screen grab 2

Pretty good, I’m sure you’ll agree!

4. Give it a try!

Why not use our FREE 40-DAY TRIAL OF 3CX PRO to give voicemail-to-text, and the many other myriad features of 3CX, a thorough trial?

Ours is the easy way to trial 3CX because:

  • We install it
  • We host it
  • We set it up to your needs
  • We provide SIP trunks*
  • We provide a handset*
  • We provide help & support.

You just have to try it out!

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*Trial open to UK businesses only. Handset provision optional and deposit required. SIP trunks provided with free calls credit which can be increased for a charge.

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Integrating web chat and voice just got even easier.

Jun 3, 2019 3:55:26 PM / by Alex Hodgson posted in 3cx, Blog, business communications, call centre



It's only just over 2 months since 3CX released it's latest major version release, v16.0, which included their excellent new chat-to-voice feature, and already there's improvements!

3CX v16 Update 1 has just been released and includes;

  • Enhanced Web Client Chat functionality, including Group Chat,
  • Improved design and customisation.
  • Improved offline message form

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We've already blogged previously about how the 3CX chat integration, and other similar features, can help not only in improving your customer experience, but may even help to lower your bounce rate, so it's great to see 3CX continuing to take the 3CX phone system way beyond just a phone system!


New group chat features.

Screenshot of new 3CX group chat feature

Working in tandem with 3CX Live Chat & Talk, the Web Client’s Chat function is now even more powerful with:

  • Web visitor chats to an auto-created discussion group with agents
  • Queue agents can take ownership of a chat discussion
  • Transfer chat discussion to another extension or agent
  • Archive unneeded conversations to de-clutter your chat view
  • New intuitive discussion icons
  • Click on the web visitor’s email address in offline messages to respond via email

Improved Live Chat & Talk customisation.

Screenshot of enhanced visual customisation of 3CX Live Chat & Talk module

Along with the extra chat features, V16 update 1 also includes much needed visual customisation to improve what was a rather plain-looking interface, as you can see from our demo of the super-simple v16.0 Wordpress plugin:

3CX web chat screen record - v3

Thankfully, the new customisation features include::

  • Chat Box Icon Customisation – Choose a suitable image to configure and personalise the chat box title logo icon.
  • Operator Icon Customisation – Configure a personalised operator icon for the chat box, using a suitable image file.
  • Chat Panel Positioning – Simply use the “Position” parameter to set the chat box position to “Bottom Right” (default) or “Bottom Left”.
  • Mobile Browser Default View – As a small but important usability tweak, the chat box is now automatically displayed in the minimised state on mobile web browsers.
  • Pop-out Mode – Taking advantage of v16 Update 1, the new 3CX Live Chat & Talk enables you to display the chat box as a separate pop-out window.

Give it a try

You can give all these features a try for free with our enhanced 3CX trial, a 40-day free trial for any UK business which includes:

  • Free installation and hosting
  • Free setup
  • Free SIP trunks*
  • Free handset option*
  • Free help & support from us.

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1700% increase in dwell time? Improved SEO? How can a phone system do that?

Apr 23, 2019 8:47:00 AM / by Alex Hodgson posted in phone system, Website, SEO


Student leaning against bookshelf holding a tablet pc at the library

Convergeance seems to be one of the watch words of the day, meaning the process by which different technologies converge together to produce new features and streamlined processes. And it's the convergeance of some fairly well-established technologies that might help improve your SEO performance.

But before we get into that let's start at the beginning. What is dwell time, and why is it important?

Ultimate Phone Systems Buyers Guide Call to Action button

What is dwell time?

Dwell time is very similar to "time on page", "bounce time" or "visit time" or any number of other visit metrics in that it measures the amount of time, on average, that a visitor stays on your website for. Being more specific, though, dwell time measures the amount of time between a search engine user clicking through to your website and then returning to the search engine provider (SERP).

If you want to learn more about dwell time, I found this article by Joshua Hardwick at Hrefs to be a useful and well written summary.

Why is dwell time important?

Dwell time is important because of what it signifies. A long dwell time effectively shows that your visitors are consuming and presumably engaging with the content on your website. A high dwell time means you're doing something right!

This is particularly important when that traffic has come from Google search, because a long dwell time shows Google that your pages were useful to the searcher, and this is exactly what Google wants to see. Serving up the right content to the searcher is the No.1 priority for Google. Short dwell times tell Google your page wasn't right for the searcher as they had to return quickly to refine their search.

On the other hand, a long dwell time shows Google that the searcher were impressed enough with your content to stay on your site. The longer the dwell time the greater the credibility you'll have with Google, and the more likely they will be to pass searchers on to you.

At least that's the theory. Google and other SERPs not only keep close to their chests exactly what influences their algorithms, but they also keep changing it. But given that the end goal of any SERP is to serve quality content, it stands to fairly strong reason that dwell time would be a strong ranking factor, and there are plenty of online studies, like this from Moz, which lends evidence to this suggestion.

OK, so where does my phone system come in?


When it's integrated with your website, that's when!

Web chat is proving an invaluable tool for turning website visits into contacts and helping customers find the information they need. However, what happens to a chat when the requirement gets a little more complex?

What about if your agent could escalate the web chat to a phone call, video call, or even screen share session, directly from the chat widget? Not only would you be providing excellent customer service and helping the customer there and then, you'd also be keeping them on the website for longer, increasing their dwell time and improving your website performance.

Take a look at how lingerie brand Bravissimo use Mitel and Talkative technology integrated with their website to reduce web chat abandonment from 10% to 3%:


The ability to jump to a call or even co-browsing session means the agent can help answer the customers' questions, guide them to the right areas of the website, and even help them to check out, and all the time spending more time on your website.

This simple convergeance of web, voice and video has the power improve your SEO, customer satisfaction and revenue all in one!

How does this integration work?

From the customer's point of view what they don't want is to be switching technologies or downloading apps. The move from web to voice or video needs to be seamless, which is where WebRTC comes in.

WebRTC (Web-based Real Time Communication) allows a direct and secure connection to be made between web browsers, or between a browser and a WebRTC-enabled communications platform. This is the technology which makes seamless movement from web visit to voice, video or screen sharing possible, and communication system providers like Cisco, Avaya, Mitel and 3CX have spent the last few years making their integration of WebRTC technology more and more seamless and easy to integrate.

As an example, take a look at my video showing how easy it is to integrate 3CX web chat, with chat-to-voice and chat-to-video functionality, with your Wordpress website:

3CX web chat screen record - v3


Hold on a minute, what about this 1,700% increase in dwell time?

Oh yeah, that.

Well, according to Neilson Norman Group the average web visit is between 10 & 20 seconds, and according to Call Centre Helper a contact centre's average call time is 6 minutes and 3 seconds, or 363 seconds.

So if the average web visit was converted into the average voice call, whilst keeping the user on your website, then, if my maths is correct (which it may not be) you'd experience an increase in dwell time of 1,715%.

Now clearly that's just indicative numbers, and every case will be different, but even if this SEO argument doesn't hold water, think about the other benefits of chat-to-voice and chat-to-video on your website:

  • Reducing abandoned web sessions
  • Encouraging contact from idle browsers
  • Moving customers along the sales funnel more quickly
  • Helping checkout customers to complete their transaction
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by answering even complex queries immediately
  • Communication is easier, friendlier and more effective with video.

And I didn't even mention that WebRTC calls are free!

So if you're in any way serious about your web-presence, and you should be, it's time to place web chat and voice/video integration to the top of your to do list!

Try 3CX for Free


Solutions featured in this article:

Talkative logo

Talkative Integrates with Mitel phone systems to embed voice, video, live chat and co-browsing directly into the browser. The full-features enterprise-grade solution.


The latest release of 3CX includes chat-to-voice and chat-video integration for a cost-effective entry-level solution.

Also featured

Bravissimo Logo

"At Bravissimo we celebrate women who are a D cup and above. We’re dedicated to inspiring women with big boobs to feel confident and amazing. It’s our mission to make you feel spoilt for choice and ‘uplifted’ in every way!"


Want to learn more?

Book time with us


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HOW TO: Convert Web Chats to Free Voice Calls with a Single Click.

Apr 5, 2019 1:28:54 PM / by Alex Hodgson posted in 3cx, customer service, SME, UC, Unified Communications, Website, Wordpress, SEO



3CX web chat screen record - v3

3CX is the software-based communications platform (or PBX in old parlance) that's been taking the business world by storm by bringing advanced features within the range of even the smallest SMEs.

It was one of the first platforms to adopt WebRTC, a new web standard that allows voice and video communication to take place direct through the browser removing the need for dedicated apps or applets.

3CX has just released the latest major version release, which includes a super-simple way to upgrade the web chat to allow your agents to elevate a session to a voice call, and at no cost to the customer.

The chat widget can be used on any website, but for lucky Wordpress users they've even developed a plugin that makes installation super-simple, as you can see from the short video above.

This is such a great development from the 3CX team, and here are just some off the reasons why:

  • Increases your customers' time on site, which improves your SEO performance.
  • Allows for a more personal on-site customer experience.
  • Allows your customers to call for free (no charge to them or you).
  • Initial chat give agent more info prior to call, getting customer closer to a solution.
  • Visual communication (ie Chat to Video) is shown to be more effective and more engaging, giving a better Customer Experience.
  • Chat can be set up for individual agents or groups.
  • Chat to Talk is available across all 3 license versions (Standard, Pro, Enterprise) making it accessible to all.

I hope you find the video useful. As an alternative, here is 3CX's own guide on how to complete this installation.

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Beware of this "Paypal is restricted" text phishing scam.

Jan 17, 2019 11:57:05 AM / by One2Call


We've blogged previously about phishing emails doing the rounds pretending to be Paypal, but this morning one of our Directors got sent this text message which, at a quick glance at least, looked fairly genuine:

Paypal phishing SMS example

If you click the link you then get sent to this page, which also looks fairly genuine:

However, this is a phishing scam designed to steal your PayPal user name and password, which can then be used to rack up spending on your account.

Phishing is any attempt made to steal your personal data by impersonating a genuine or trusted source.

The Golden Rule

We'll look at how you might identify that this is a scam text in a moment, but let's first reiterate the golden rule when it comes to emails asking you to take action on your account:


Don't click the link, just log in as normal.

You should follow this rule whether the email or text is genuine or not.

Reputable companies know that email and text scamming is an issue, so if they want you to take any action on your account, they'll tell you in your dashboard once you log in. Yes, they might send you a reminder as well, and include a link to make it easier to jump straight to the right page, but as scammers get better and better, telling a real from a fake message will get harder and harder.

So don't take the risk - don't click the link.

How do we know this text is fake?

Phishing scammers play on the fact that most people lead busy lives. Most people just scan messages that come in, and if it looks OK at first glance, will click the link. Because of this, they don't always have to look 100% genuine. However, there are usually signs if you take the time to look critically at the message.

1. Phone number.

These scammers clearly know that a foreign phone number will automatically attract the attention of a UK recipient, so they've used, or spoofed a UK number. However, any name or number can be spoofed, so who the text appears to have come from should never be taken as proof of authenticity.


2. Link Address.

This is where the scammers have been clever in this case. People are starting to be more aware of website addresses that are not exactly right, such as or etc...

At first glance, however, this link appears to be from Paypal's genuine UK domain of

However, if you look carefully, they aren't slashes after, they are dots. What this means in web grammar is that the actual domain name here is and the has been created as a subdomain of this domain. Subdomains are always to the left of the main domain, separated by dots. Slashes are always to the right of the main domain (aside from the ones in https://) and indicate different pages or sections of that particular site. If this was a genuine Paypal link it would appear as


3. Security certificate.

A bit sloppy this one, but the link isn't to a secure site, so uses http:// instead of https://.

Every reputable site that carries your payment details should be using https, and because Google and others are now giving more credibility to sites that carry security certificates regardless of whether they are used for financial transactions or not, pretty much every reputable website should now carry an https prefix. You should be suspicious of any unsolicited link you receive using an http prefix.


Added protection

This attempt at fraud is just one of the many thousands that are bouncing around every day, from simple attempts to steal personal data to attempts to seize and control your vital IT assets for financial gain (or just to be malicious, in some cases).

If your business hasn't taken serious steps to mitigate the effects of online criminal activity, it's really important that you do so.

Our Security Essentials package starts from just £5 per device, per month and includes business-grade antivirus, anti-malware and real-time threat detection software.

If you're now sure what to do or what the costs might be, just get in contact with us and we'll guide you through and find the best options for your setup and budget.

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Trial 13 services for FREE including Telecoms, IT Support & CCTV.

Jan 10, 2019 3:50:16 PM / by One2Call


Sheffield-based technology services provider opens up zero-commitment free trials across its' whole product range.

Technology is brilliant!

It has the ability to make your business operate more smoothly, more quickly, more efficiently, more cheaply and even make your customers and your employees more happy!

However, technology is also very complex, diverse and widespread making shopping for new solutions a bit of a brain-ache!

Here at One2Call we have some truly amazing technology solutions that can help make your business better, but we're also aware that it can be hard for people to fully understand why our solutions are so great by just looking on our website, or even via a phone call or business meeting.

However, once a customer has seen, touched and lived with a new solution, the benefits become very clear, very quickly.

That's why we've been working hard over the last few months to enable as many of our services as possible to be trialled simply and easily for free, and with absolutely no obligation to buy.

And we've done it!

Today we launched free trials across 13 of our services, from off-site backup to CCTV cameras to phone systems to IT support, and we'll be looking to add more to this list as the year rolls on.

Let's take a look at the "Lucky 13" services you can now trial for free with One2Call:

Free trials on voice and telecom services

This is the biggest category of trials at launch, with 5 different solutions available to trial.

Cloud Voice for SMEs.

Smartphone app for hosted voip

Horizon is one of the most popular cloud-based voice solutions in the UK, and for good reason. Simple setup, voice quality guarantees, HD handsets and desktop and smartphone apps, all for an easy per-user, per-month price. The perfect solution for small businesses wanting a flexible yet powerful voice solution.

3CX Voice for Enterprise.

3CX is the award-winning new system in town, taking on the industry big boys by concentrating on constantly developing and improving its software. Contact Centre, video conferencing, call recording & reporting, instant failover and WebRTC, the future of comms technology, can all be had out-of-the-box. The perfect platform for the growing business.

Call Reporting Software

Until you can see what's happening with every call that your business fields (or even the ones you miss) you don't have full control over your customer's experience, and we all know how much customer service counts!
See what specialist Call Reporting Software can do for your business with our free trial.

Call Recording Software

The ability to record phone calls, whether for staff training or protection, is becoming a must have for many businesses. Our dedicated Call Recording Software can be integrated with your existing telephone system to help give you a greater insight into your business.

Professional Call Answering service

Once you've trialled using Moneypenny, our recommended professional call answering service, you won't go back!
Whether it's picking up long-ringing or unanswered calls, out of hours calls, or just soaking up some calls so your team can get on with other things, you won't appreciate just how great

this service is until you try it. So do it! Now!

Free Trials on IT Services.

Proactive IT Support.

Laptop with graphs on

Total Care Desktop is our all-in-one bundle of security software, proactive patch management, reporting and real-life support from our own in-house engineers, all at a simple per device, per month fee. Free trial includes a complete company-wide network and security audit.

24/7 Server Support

Your servers are the heart of your company, and when it goes awry, your company suffers. Thats' why it makes sense to have it properly managed, protected and secured, night and day. Our 24/7 Total Care Server package does all this, and through out remote monitoring widget, we can even fix issues as soon as they occur, even at night.

Off-site backup

Protect your most vital company information from damage or theft by ensuring regular copies are made and stored away from your office. Our off-site backup service is simple and easy to configure to backup anything from a single file to a whole drive to a secure off-site location.

Microsoft Office 365

More than just a cloud-version of Office apps like Word, Excel and Outlook, Office 365 is a whole suite of more than 20 apps designed to improve the efficiency of all areas of your business, from staff rotas to sales presentations. You'll always have the latest software version, and your apps can be installed on up to 5 different devices per user.

Cisco Meraki for security and networking.

About Cisco Meraki

Meraki's cloud-controlled approach to network management make network security and management a whole heap simpler than it used to be. Contact us to set up your trial, and if you're an IT professional, there might even be some free kit in it for you!

Managed WiFI.

Modern business WiFi has to do way more than just get you online. It needs to keep your business safe, ensure there's enough bandwidth to go round, offer configurable guest networks and be simple and easy to troubleshoot. That's why you need a proper managed solution, like the one you can now trial with One2Call!

Free Trials on CCTV

HD Cameras


If it's been a while since your CCTV network was installed, you may not fully appreciate the improvement that have been made in camera technology. That's why were offering you the chance to try a modern HD camera either with your own existing controller, or remotely from ours.

CCTV in the Cloud.

Add new cameras as and when you need them for a simple per-camera fee, and manage the whole system remotely from wherever you are via an easy-to-use smartphone app. It's video security the modern way!

Get started with your free trial.

Getting your trial started couldn't be easier, just click the button below, complete the form, and we'll be back in touch to set up your trial.

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How to report a broken green street cabinet

Dec 1, 2018 1:38:00 PM / by Nick Bass posted in Blog, Connectivity


VIRGIN-GRAFFITI-CABINET Virgin-cabinet-20180928_181138-sVirgin-cabinet-20180928_184945-s


Clue: we are not the droids you are looking for!

Ever since we released this unusually successful blog about what those green cabinets are that can be found in British streets we keep getting calls from well-meaning members of the public looking to report broken street cabinets to us.

Whilst it’s really lovely to receive your calls, when this happens we’re left feeling a bit unhelpful because this is not something we can help you with.

These cabinets are maintained by Openreach, a former BT company which is now, theoretically, independent of BT and in charge of the majority of the UK’s telephone and broadband street infrastructure, including the green cabinets.

They are the ones that need to know, not us!

> Contact Openreach

How to report a problem.

If you’ve noticed an issues with any of the following, you’ll need to contact Openreach directly on 0800 023 2023 (option 1):

  • Damaged underground cables (typically caused by mechanical diggers in built-up areas)
  • Loose cables or cables dangling from telephone poles
  • Damaged green cabinets or cabinets with open doors
  • Damaged telephone poles
  • Loose, cracked or missing manhole covers
  • Unsafe Openreach worksites

Regarding green cabinets specifically, they all should have a code number on somewhere (3 letters, 3 numbers or similar), and this would help Openreach greatly if you can give them this info as well.


> Contact Openreach


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Your voice disaster recovery plan.

Nov 1, 2018 2:24:23 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, Communications


Build a disaster recovery plan for your voice services to ensure that your customers can always reach you.

READ LATER: View and download as PDF

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Your company probably already has a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place for your IT services. You make sure your data is backed up daily and you have written procedures in place to restore a failed piece of hardware should you ever need to. But what happens when your voice services are disrupted? Any number of events can occur to make your office voice services unusable - from builders accidentally cutting through cables during road works, to an epidemic that results in high staff absenteeism, or even a natural disaster that damages your office. When your staff are unable to answer the phones, business grinds to a halt.

Having a proper voice DRP in place ensures that you can keep doing business - and keep your customers happy - no matter what keeps you from opening your office.

1. Get out of the weeds

Creating an effective voice DRP is dependant on you gaining a high level overview of your company and the way your communications are handled. This will ensure that your DRP covers all bases and will enable each department to keep working effectively when a disaster occurs.

Start by identifying how calls are made and received by each department. Create a document that includes this information and be sure to make a note of:

Phone numbers.

Which numbers does your company own and where does each of them ring through to when called?

Inbound call routing

How are calls routed after they are initially answered? You might have an IVR that directs calls automatically, a receptionist who directs them manually, or you might drop callers directly into call queues or ring groups. Make a note of how a call flows through each department in your company, from the time the phone rings to the time the call ends.

Outbound call routing

What do your staff members need to do in order to make an outbound call? Do they have to dial 9 to get an outside line? Do they have account codes that need to be entered to call long distance numbers? Document the procedures that must be followed to make an outbound call under normal circumstances so that you will know how the procedure differs during a disaster.

Key personnel

If there are a handful of staff members who handle the majority of the calls in your organisation, write that down. These are the people who need to receive calls the most in the event of a disaster. If they are well trained on how your voice services will change during a disaster, you won’t need to worry about answering “how do I…” questions.

Supplier information

Ensure you include contact details for your key telecoms and connectivity suppliers. They will be able to help you implement your recovery plans if necessary. Gain a thorough understanding of how calls are made and received at your company and make sure it is documented in detail.

Identify threats

Now that you know how calls are handled by every department, identify any weak points that could cause the communications process to break down. At this stage you don’t need to figure out a solution, you simply need to identify the types of problems that might disrupt your communications.
Consider what might happen if:

Key personnel are not available

Is there anyone else who can answer calls? Are they correctly trained to do so? Can call forwarding or diverts be activated to direct calls?

Most staff are unable to get to the office

Staff absenteeism can happen due to ill health, pandemics, extreme weather that can make commuting difficult, or even your own company functions. No matter why absenteeism might occur, you need to ensure you understand the impact it will have on your ability to handle and route calls.

Your office is closed

Not a standard disaster by most definitions, but how a
call gets routed when your office is closed - be it outside of business hours, a holiday, or because the office is inaccessible for whatever reason - is important to keep your customers happy and, with sales lines in particular, ensure your business can continue to make money. Are your customers aware that your office is closed when they call in? Are they able to reach the right department on their own, or are they directed to a general delivery voicemail system and left feeling like nobody will ever return their call?

Your phone lines are dead

Maybe someone has cut the wrong cable, or a disaster has damaged your office location. Whatever the case may be, how does it impact your ability to do business if you pick up the phone and have no dial tone? Do you have any single points of failure that need addressing?

2. Fill in the blanks

You now know how calls are handled and what might stop those handling processes. Now it’s time to figure out how to fill any gaps in your voice DRP. Some solutions will be people or process related, others will be technological in nature. Look into each of the following:

Manual failover

If the person(s) who normally answer your phones aren’t in the office, make sure there are others available who can take on that role. They should be trained on how calls are routed throughout your organisation, as well as how to correctly operate any telephony equipment involved in the process.

Automated failover

IVRs can always answer calls without any human intervention required. Having an IVR will let your customers route their own calls if they cannot be answered by a person.

SIP trunking

If your company still makes use of traditional analogue or ISDN lines, moving to SIP trunking will provide a large range of voice DRP options. SIP trunking solutions will often allow calls to automatically failover to a secondary office location if your primary office is offline. For companies with a single office location, calls can be diverted to a mobile or any other number to ensure they can still be answered.

Inbound call management services

Alongside SIP, providers are now starting to introduce self-serve call management solutions that allow companies to set up and control how calls are routed to their business. This means that any necessary changes can be made, quickly and easily, via an online portal. The last thing you want to be doing in the event of an emergency is sitting on hold, waiting for your phone provider to make changes for you - some changes to legacy ISDN lines can even take days to be implemented! By choosing a provider who allows you to make these changes yourself, you can get your calls flowing within minutes, using any internet connected device.

Hosted PBX

Most companies have PBX equipment at their office locations that handle call routing, voicemail, IVRs and call queues. If your PBX is unavailable, many of the call routing features that you depend on can be lost if calls are then diverted to another location. This can be confusing and frustrating for customers calling in. A hosted PBX solution removes these features from the on-premise equipment and instead hosts them in the cloud. With a hosted PBX, your customers receive the same call flow no matter what’s happening at your office locations. In addition, most hosted PBX services allow your phones to connect to the service from anywhere - so if you have a disaster, your staff can plug a phone in at home, or access the service via a softphone on their desktop, and keep working.

Speak with your phone provider to see what business continuity options are available to you. Once you have identified any required solutions, ensure they are put into place. Lastly, take all of your voice DRP documentation and ensure that the people involved in executing the plan have read and understood it.

Make sure a copy of the plan is stored somewhere safe and can be accessed should your office become inaccessible.

3. Just do it

Ignoring the creation of a voice DRP is ignoring something that could critically damage your business. Following these steps will ensure you have a bulletproof plan that keeps calls coming in and your business operating:

  1. Document the call flow processes at your company, both for inbound and outbound calls.
  2. Identify any gaps that might disrupt your call flow. Include gaps caused by people, processes and technology.
  3. Identify and resolve any gaps that you identify - train additional employees, implement SIP trunking, get set up with an inbound call management system or implement whatever new processes and technology necessary to prevent disruption to your voice communications.
  4. Document your plan in detail and distribute it to everyone who plays a part in the plan’s execution. Make sure copies of the plan are also stored off-site, so that they can be referenced if your office is inaccessible.

Ensuring that you have a full voice DRP will provide your customers with an uninterrupted service, keep them happy and keep you in business.

READ LATER: View and download as PDF

Need expert help?

Dave Pearson Head of Sales One2Call

Dave is our Telecoms Expert:
01144 782005

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Kids' Christmas Card Design Competition.

Oct 30, 2018 2:07:29 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog


Christmas could come early for your child this year by winning our Kids’ Christmas Card Design Competition!

Get your child to get creative and design us an awesome Christmas card for us to send to our customers and they could win themselves a £50 Amazon gift voucher and a pack of Christmas cards featuring their winning design!

Children between the ages of 3 and 11 years old are invited to enter and they must be UK residents. Entries should be A4 sized but can be created in any way you wish.

Happy creating!

How to enter:

By Facebook:

Post a photo of your entry onto our Facebook page ( and include your child’s first name, age and where they live (ie town or city, not postal address) and the hashtag #One2CallXmasCardComp. Be sure to Like our page to enable us to notify you win.

By Twitter:

Post a photo of your entry from your account and include your child’s first name, age and where they live (ie. town or city, not postal address) and the hashtag #One2CallXmasCardComp and mention @One2CallUK. Be sure to follow us on Twitter too so we can DM you if you win.

All entries must be received before Saturday 1st December 2018.

The winner will be announced via our social media channels.

Good luck!!

Terms and Conditions for Children’s Christmas drawing Competition

  1. The prize winner will be selected by a panel made up of One2Call Ltd staff. The winners will be selected from all entries received by 1am on Saturday 1st December 2018. Strictly one entry only per child.
  2. The competition is open to children aged between 3 and 11 years old on the 1st of December 2018. This competition is not open to any person directly involved in running the competition.
  3. To enter the competition, the child must create a Christmas themed image in A4 size which can be saved or photographed and saved as an image file (jpg, png). Parents or guardians must post entries from their own social media accounts and provide the child’s first name and age at time of entry.
  4. Entries must not use any image which may breach copyright regulations e.g. cartoon characters, brand names etc.
  5. All entries may be published on One2Call’s official social media accounts and website.
  6. The closing date for the competition is 1:00am on 1st December 2018 and the winner will be notified as soon as possible after that.
  7. One2Call Ltd will contact the winning parent or guardian(s) or guardian(s) using the social media account(s) from which the entry was posted. We will then ask for postal details to which the prizes will be sent. If no reply is forthcoming within 10 days of contact, prizes will not be sent.
  8. One2Call’s decision is final. The winning entry will be used for its 2018 digital Christmas card which will be sent by email to its customers. The winning entry may also appear in local press and on the Facebook website.
  9. The winner will receive a £50 gift voucher for an online or high street retailer and a pack of Christmas cards featuring the winning design.
  10. One2Call Ltd does not accept any responsibility for late/missing entries. Entrants must supply details as required and comply with all rules to be eligible for the prize. One2Call Ltd reserves the right to change or cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control. One2Call Ltd reserves the right to use, edit or adapt the drawings submitted. One2Call Ltd may use such content in its marketing of One2Call Ltd. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and to agree to be bound by them when entering this competition. These rules are governed by the laws of England and Wales. This competition is administered by One2Call Ltd.
  11. We would like to photograph the winner with their drawing for our marketing purposes. By entering this competition, you are providing consent to us using this photograph for this purpose.

Prize requirements and restrictions:
The winner must be aged between 3 and 11 years old on the 1st of December 2018. The winner will not be entitled to any copyright of their submission. No cash alternative is available. The parent or guardian(s) or guardian(s) of the prize winner may be asked to provide proof of identification prior to the prize being awarded.

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Beware and prepare: weather the seasonal business threats.

Oct 1, 2018 2:55:33 PM / by One2Call posted in Blog, Communications, resillience, snow, UC, voip, weather


Cars buried in snow

Unified communications providers can ensure that your company’s telephony and IT systems survive storms and other seasonal disasters.

READ LATER: View and download as PDF

In terms of maintaining productivity, the unpredictable British weather can be particularly challenging for many businesses.

Bad weather can test a company’s infrastructure to breaking point, often wreaking havoc on corporate communications.

From broken phone lines to power cuts, a company’s hardwired communication systems are uniquely vulnerable to outside events.

That’s before considering the impact of heavy snow or storms on employee attendance, with the UK typically experiencing 33 snow days each year. The recent flooding across the UK has also given us all a reality check on our vulnerability.

Failure to prepare is to prepare to fail.

During adverse weather, maintaining normal channels of communication between staff and with customers is absolutely essential for productivity and client relations, which can suffer greatly from downtime or disruption.

While your offices are being battered by storms and blizzards, Customers elsewhere could be enjoying normal working conditions - and so could your
competitors. One week of particularly bad weather in 2013 was estimated to have cost the UK over £318 million (and 51 million working hours) in lost productivity, because business continuity plans hadn’t been put in place. This figure is sure to rise significantly for the winter of 2014 once the statistics are compiled. The fear of losing IT or telecommunications is the biggest concern among companies when it comes to potential threats and

Remote control

It is critical to have a robust phone system in place, courtesy of a cloud-connected unified communications provider, allowing your business to maintain full productivity in the event of any unforeseen disruptions.

Rather than relying on fixed phone lines, which can become damaged or disconnected by storms, a modern phone systems move fixed and mobile telephony to the cloud.

With pioneering hosted phone systems eliminating the need for comms rooms, managed networks can keep your company operating at full efficiency, while less well-prepared competitors flounder in floodwater. As the next generation of communications management, SIP can fully future-proof your
company’s telephony. The advantages of these IP-based phone systems are numerous:

  1. It’s cloud based, and therefore unaffected by weather conditions (no pun intended).
  2. Employees can access their phone services from anywhere, on any device.
  3. Complete flexibility and scalability.
  4. The simplicity of communications and software systems allows even technology-averse employees to easily navigate its dedicated web portal.
  5. Hosted phone systems can be cheaper and for small businesses than large-scale PBX systems.

No place like home

Letting staff work from home brings many advantages, but it’s always better to plan for this eventuality in advance, as this video explains. With the right infrastructure, your staff can be just as productive as they would be in the office and, more importantly, customers won’t even notice the difference:

  1. Clients won’t know that an employee is based at home, because their work phone number will appear the same, whether they’re calling from Hertfordshire or the Highlands of Scotland.
  2. Home-working frees up time for more productive activities that would otherwise have been spent commuting.
  3. Administrators can configure and manage the system in real-time from wherever they happen to be working (or stranded),
    in response to changing demands.

Continuity announcements

One sure-fire way to maximise business continuity is to appoint a unified communications provider - a specialist organisation that can handle all aspects of your business phone systems.

A cloud-based phone system package minimises downtime because any problem will be resolved by one company, avoiding the nightmare scenario where line and network providers blame each other for a fault, rather than facilitating repairs.

The best unified communications providers will deliver flexible and responsive personal service around the clock, helping employees to familiarise
themselves with the web portal interface of a hosted phone system.

View and download as PDF

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